Day 8 – Put Your Gratitude into Action

Everyone that is reading this has been blessed with the gift of abundance. Because our baselines of material abundance is so high, every gift we receive elevates us only temporarily before we drop to our baselines again.

This holiday season, practice gratitude. Your gifts are the works of time that someone put in, the minutes of their lives are in a gift you got – remember that, look them in the eye even when you receive a bad gift and thank them genuinely.

Secondly, give your energy and time back to a better cause. Volunteer at a kitchen or a homeless shelter – they always can use a volunteer this time of year so that a family doesn’t stay out in the cold or have no food to eat.

Do not just throw money at charity, invest your time and actually DO charity. Put together a homeless package if you have to (I’ve done it, just go to your local 99 cent store) – include soap, a pair of socks, a toothbrush, toothpaste and write something that maybe can cheer them up like “don’t give up” and when you give them this gift, look them in the eye, introduce yourself and talk to them like a human being. Don’t just give them something and walk away.

Our humanity isn’t measured by charitable work, it’s measured by how genuinely human we can be. When the idea of “i” becomes “we” – thats when everything turns around. This is a valuable learning experience for your mind, and gratitude put into actions of kindness have been linked to significant improvements in happiness and life satisfaction.

It’s impossible to help someone else without helping yourself – this is a scientific fact now.



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