Day 1 – Begin With a Goal in Mind

This is a blog about how to create lasting change in 99 days. It’s about being courageous, doing things you didn’t think you can do, interpersonal growth (growth with others) and intrapersonal personal growth (growth within yourself) all while using positive psychology.

For the next 99 days, every day I will post a blog that utilizes the best of the best in philosophy, psychology, neuroscience and law of attraction.

This is day 1.

We start today by asking ourselves what do we want out of life? Positive psychology states that in order to not just dilly dally, but FLOURISH in life, we should have P.E.R.M.A.F. – Positive Emotion, Engagement, Positive Relationships, Meaning, Achievement and I’ve added F – for Fitness

So we start today with our goals in mind – what do you want in these categories? Set specific daily, 1 year goals.

We also start today with our fears in mind – what are some of your fears that keep holding you back from your goals?

For me, I am a natural optimist, having positive emotion is not hard, I am extremely engaged at my job – being a Life Coach in New York City, I would like to have more Positive Relationships with people, and that will take meeting more people and really investing my time in them. So today, I plan on talking to five strangers, strangers who somehow interest me, and I plan on making contact with five people that are my friends – in order to cultivate the relationships I already have. (i’ve already made contact with 4 this morning) Meaning – I have incredible meaning in what I do in life, I help others for a living, so all set there.

Achievement – here something I can work on 1) Writing my book/updating my blogs – everyday I need to do this. 2) Making a six figure income – next year, year end, I want to make six figures – that’s going to take strategizing, marketing effectively, networking, and my own career growth, and steady in come. 3) M.A.P.P.  or  similar.

Fitness – I want to bench 225 lbs as soon as possible. I’m up to 195, I need to stay away from injury and keep lifting consistently, and REST consistently. I want to be able to touch rim again, just like when I was a junior in college, that means squats and leg work and staying away from injury.

Long term goals – “what do you want to do before you die?” “what do you hope to accomplish in this life?”

I want to have made a difference in my client’s lives, I want them to be happier, to live a better life and a more fulfilled life because I guided them along. I want my friends to value my friendship the same way I value theirs. I want to travel a lot and as often as I can. I want to be a better man, a leader in my community and filled with integrity, I want to keep using my humor to uplift people. I want my tombstone to say that “He changed the world, one mind at a time.”

Fears – absolutely none. There will be setbacks for sure but I have zero fears.


2 thoughts on “Day 1 – Begin With a Goal in Mind

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